Old-School D-I-Y boater rebuilds 1990 90HP Mercury Outboard

Blown Crankshaft Bearing? No Problem!

Dear MarineEngine.com,

Enclosed are pics of my 1990 90hp Mercury Outboard. Last summer after many years of use, the lower crankshaft bearing failed.

 Upon complete disagreement with my friends who wanted me to discard the engine and buy a new one I was bound and determined to rebuild this one!!

 Thanks to MarineEngine.com, I was able to rebuild my favorite outboard!! Thanks for providing a great parts source to us Old School boaters!!

 Sincerely, Louis,
Higganum, CT


Louis used his motor serial number to bring up the correct drawings and order parts.
He ordered a gasket set, connecting rod, piston, rings, seals, and other miscellaneous parts.


0421181504cCareful guys like Louis leave nothing to chance. As he stripped down his Mercury outboard, parts were carefully labeled and arranged for foolproof reassembly.

0421181504b20160903_15145920160904_12003920160904_12034120170419_12174620160903_14263220150720_071118After 28 years of great boating, Louis wasn’t going to abandon his favorite outboard motor just for a little thing like a blown crankshaft bearing. An old-school, do-it-yourself boater and wrench-twister, Louis tore down his ’90 Mercury, overhauled it with parts from MarineEngine.com, and put it back together again. The results? The wake in the photo says it all!



…and we might post YOUR story and photos also!

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