1959 Evinrude Lightwin 3 Outboard Motor Restoration

We really enjoy hearing from our customers about the projects they are working on, and love to see photos of the finished product. One of our regular customers, Brian from NC, sent us some photos and information about a project he finished a few years back – a 1959 Evinrude Lightwin 3. ┬áHere are some before and after photos. Scroll down to read Brian’s story.





Brian says:
“I absolutely love to refinish these motors. These take a lot of work and without your company it would not be possible. I have been restoring Evinrude Lightwins for several years and I was able to locate this one back in May of 2016. I purchased it in NC from Mark whose father had owned it since the 1960s. This 1959 Evinrude was called the Golden Jubilee and was a 50th Anniversary model of Evinrude motors which began in 1909. I had the pleasure of restoring this motor. The motor was completely disassembled, sandblasted, refinished, and all internal parts were restored to like new factory condition thanks to MarineEngine.com. One of the great benefits of these motors is they are all metal so they can be refinished throughout.

“The most time consuming aspects of restoring a motor are the cleaning, and particularly the sandblasting of each piece. The priming and painting of parts takes some time to dry and cure in each stage of the process. Most if not all gas tanks have some dents so they need to be removed or re-finished as well. After all of the parts are refinished everything is reassembled and all internal replaceable parts are changed out including rings, seals, gaskets, water pumps, coils, plugs, wires, etc.

“All in all, it is a very rewarding process to see everything come together. The motors run great and are extremely dependable. I have others that I use actively and have hundreds of nautical miles on them, all still running very strong.”

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